What does this operation consist of?
The operation implants prostheses into the calf muscles to increase their diameter and improve their aesthetic appearance. It’s performed in both men and women who have little volume in their calves.

Is it performed with general anaesthesia?
Generally it’s performed with epidural anaesthesia, although if the patient shows some anxiety, general anaesthesia is recommended. In this case, admission into the clinic is very short, sometimes only a few hours.

Where are the incisions made?
The implants are inserted into the hollow space behind the knee, and the incisions are three or four centimetres long.

What are the implants like?
They’re oval-shaped implants that have the shape of the internal and external calf muscles, and with a very similar consistency to them.

Are any special care measures necessary in the first days after the operation?
During the first five days of the post-operative phase we recommend that the patients walk as little as possible, to avoid changing the position of the implant. From the fifth day on, they can gradually resume their normal life, but without making excessive efforts until ten or fourteen days after the operation. They also have to wear a special band for four weeks.