What are pectoral implants?
This is an operation that consists in implanting prostheses underneath the pectoral muscle in men in order to make the torso appear more developed and muscular. It’s usually performed with men who regularly go to the gymnasium or whose living depends on their image, and who even with the appropriate exercises do not succeed in developing the pectoral muscles they would like to have.

What kind of anaesthesia do you use in this operation?
It’s always performed with short-duration general anaesthesia, by means of a small incision in the zone of the armpit hair, the scar being completely dissimulated by the hair itself.

What type of implants are used?
Like the implants for buttocks or calf muscles, they’re made specifically to be similar to the muscles we aim to augment. They’re made of silicone gel with a consistency similar to that of the muscle.

When can the patient go back to normal life?
I recommend five or six days’ rest after the operation, but I’ve had patients who’ve gone back to doing exercises in the gym on the third or fourth day. In any case, no significant efforts should be made until the eleventh day. During the first few days there’s superficial bruising that tends to diminish between seven and ten days; after this time, the implants settle into position. The patient must also wear an elastic band for around four weeks.