What does this type of lifting consist of?
It’s a surgical operation that eliminates excess fat and skin from the groin and the internal face of the thighs. We can often solve the latter case by means of liposuction, but sometimes it’s not sufficient because there’s an excess of skin and so much flaccidity that liposuction alone doesn’t produce a satisfactory result. This crural lifting operation solves cases in which there’s no gap between the legs or the internal faces of the thighs rub together, which in some cases causes a reddening of the groin that can be very uncomfortable, especially in summer.

Is hospitalisation necessary?
This operation tends to be performed with epidural anaesthesia, without requiring admission to the clinic, although this depends on the volume involved.

Is the operation painful?
The post-operative pain of inguinoperineal lipectomy is usually slight, disappearing after twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and it requires gentle analgesia. In some cases slight discomfort remains, especially when sitting or walking, but it disappears during the first week.

What about the scars?
To perform this operation we have to make an incision that includes all the fold of the groin and runs backwards along the front part of the fold underneath the gluteus. This zone is chosen because it’s generally covered by the lower edge of the underwear. In exceptional cases where there’s a lot of excess skin on the internal face of the thigh, it may be necessary to make a vertical incision of variable length in the internal face. It leaves a rather more visible scar, but this kind of incision is hardly ever made.

When can the patient go back to normal life?
The sutures are usually removed after ten or twelve days. The bruising that can appear on the internal face of the thighs tends to diminish within fourteen days. There’s always swelling in the zone, that persists for two or three weeks, gradually disappearing around the second month. The definitive result is attained after three to five months, although the scar takes twelve months to mature. A special girdle must be worn day and night for two to four weeks. The minimum sick leave is twenty-four to forty-eight hours, but for patients whose work involves large physical effort, up to two weeks may be necessary.

Is this operation still common?
Nowadays it’s fallen pretty much into disuse, being reserved only for people who’ve lost a lot of weight. With present-day liposuction techniques we can achieve a retraction of the skin, which in many cases is sufficient to obtain a good result.