Mesotherapy consists in the application of various drugs by means of multiple small-dose intradermal or subcutaneous injections in the zones to be treated. The technique must always be applied by a specialist doctor, who will use the best technology available and the most suitable injected products for each case.

The principal applications of mesotherapy are cellulitis and localised adiposities (accumulations of fat), although it is also used in the treatment of other pathologies of the skin and the subcutaneous cell tissue such as acne, varicose ulcers, stretch marks, falling hair or cutaneous ageing.

In the case of cellulitis and localised fat, the products act on the adipose tissue in or closest to the surface of the skin, achieving better drainage of this tissue by activating the circulation in the treated zone, with better oxygenation of the tissue and also partial elimination of these fats from the zone, with which we can improve the condition known as ‘orange-peel skin.’