Treatment with botulinic toxin, generally known as Botox, is indicated for the elimination of dynamic wrinkles, the lines that appear in the face when we repeatedly use the facial expression muscles, such as the horizontal wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet or others.

This treatment is usually performed under local anaesthesia, and it uses a specifically-formulated product approved by the Ministry of Health named Vistabel. The first application is followed by an inspection usually seven days later, and has an average duration of 6 months, after which reinforcement sessions are necessary. The product only acts on the paralysed muscles and will always be reversible, with recovery of movement in the treated zone after a few months, which means there is no possibility of permanent after-effects.

In patients with very marked dynamic wrinkles, botulinic toxin can be combined with filling treatments, achieving spectacular results. In each case the doctor must recommend the most suitable treatment for each patient.